Mid Back Office / CRM

Helps automate travel agencies' daily reservation process

  • Automatic invoicing
  • Manage online reservations
  • Add offline travel bookings
  • Generate business intelligence reports
  • Manage multiple branches
  • Keep a customer database

Suitable for travel managers and travel agents

Q Travel Cloud Mid Back Office is the right solution for travel managers as a reporting tool
and for travel agents as the easiest way to work on daily operations.

Choose this software if you are the manager and:

  • Have multiple branch offices (manage numerous functions from a single web-based interface due to cloud technology)
  • Want to access the program at any time and from any location using just a web browser
  • Want to track critical information about sales, performance and availabilities
  • Want your employees to be more productive

Your advantages

  • Online and Offline Bookings sync

    You will have all the reservations in one place. The bookings can be added when selling directly to the customer or can automatically be received from the internet booking engine. When a new online booking is done, a notification will be received on your back office system, together with the registration of the booking.

  • Automatic invoicing

    Your payments and invoices will be very organized. A single booking or a series of bookings can be invoiced by the travel agent or automatically. For each invoice you can add partial or full payments with any type of document. If connected to the internet banking, the payments will be automatically imported and distributed by invoices.

  • Automatically generated travel documents

    You will gain more time for your clients. Travel documents are generated based on booking details and all the documents can be printed or sent by email with just a click.

  • Access it anywhere, everywhere

    Because it is a cloud-based system, all information is stored remotely on a server. With a cloud-based back office system, data can be accessed at any time and from any location using just a web browser. That means the customers and sales information are tracked and collected all the time. If a customer has an emergency and contacts you outside working hours you’ll be able to quickly solve his problem with only an internet connection and a desktop/mobile device.

  • More productive

    With all this giving solutions, the day-to-day work is being decreased. The travel agents will have time to learn new things about the destinations they are selling, which will be reflected in giving better advices to the customers, making for them an enjoyable holiday booking process.

  • Sales reports

    You will be aware of all the sales activity, at any moment. Great selection of standard reports like daily report, booking reports, invoices reports and ticketing reports are build in. Based on our experience, we provide a large set of standard reports that are used by regular travel agencies (export in excel, partners reports, payments reports, corporate reports). In addition, customized reports are made on request, because we know that everybody is different and the same data can mean different things to different people.

  • Accounting export

    Stop doing the paperwork and have a clear and correct sales situation in your accounting system. Export sales invoices, collections, purchase invoices, payments and settlements to any accounting system that is capable of importing.

  • Customer and suppliers database and profiles

    Get rid of Excel. Keep an evidence of you customers and suppliers and avoid duplicate entries, fast and simple. You can also define any other category and group partners to apply special rules (ex: due dates). The categories can be used to filter reports or functional lists. If anything is missing, you can always create a new custom field, to fit your needs.

  • It’s Trustworthy

    Q Travel Cloud Mid Back Office has already proven as a solid solution being in use since 2008 and periodically updated to meet the requirements of the latest technologies. Thus, this software will never get old or unusable, so it is a good investment for you.

Q Travel Cloud Mid Back Office Features


Bookings items, sales invoices items, purchase invoices items, collections and payments are linked using settlements. The commission is automatically calculated.


The welcome screen is a dashboard that can be personalized for each user profile with charts and other info that is relevant.

Internet banking

Import all the collections and payments from Internet Banking. Distribute collections and payments over invoices or automatically issue invoices for collections.

Multiple currencies

Any document can use any currency. The systems allows multiple currencies in the same booking. The invoicing can be done in local currency or in any other foreign currency.

Phone and
remote support

You will never be alone. Whenever you need we are there. Just give us a call and we will help