Direct sell

Direct sell of transfers adds a separate search engine with results list and online booking. The transfer booking is handled as any other booking made in the system.


When a booking for flight or hotel is made, the up-sell feature adds an additional offer for available transfers. This feature maximize the online sales.

Dynamic Packaging

Integrating transfers into dynamic packages feature means that when a search is made, the system shows packages for flight + hotel + transfer with only one price.


In order to make up-sells and dynamic packages, the transfers locations are mapped with hotels from the suppliers and with airports.

Multiple suppliers

Transfer feature integrates multiple global and local suppliers of transfers services.

Back Office

Transfers can be integrated with Back Office for booking management, invoicing and autoinvoicing, collections and payments, settlements with suppliers and reporting.


When integrated with back office, the autoinvoicing feature will automatically issue the invoice when a new booking is made online.