Complete website

An entire new web site can be developed based on Online IBE features together with all other static pages needed for a complete website.

IBE integration

If the website is already built the Online IBE can be integrated using the API the system provides. The integration can be done by our team or by any other developer or software company.

Credit card payments

The system can integrate global or local credit card processor. Together with back office integration and autoinvoicing, all the documents are issued when paid online.

Travellers accounts

Travellers can register to have their own accounts in the system, allowing them to manage their bookings, payments and to see booking history.


The design can be done exactly as the travel agency needs for a new website or it can be adapted to an existing design.


For SEO purposes the system offers a directory with cached searches and results.


The system is built including a lot of search optimizations. These advanced features allow SEO & SEM specialists to optimize the website for search engines.

Landing pages

Beside the home page, the system allows to create other pages that can be optimized for search engines.