Resellers accounts

Each reseller can register and create their own account based on which can see negotiate rates, make and manage bookings, receive invoices, tickets and vouchers.

Complete online IBE

The B2B channel integrates a complete list of travel services such as flights, hotel content, transfers, rent-a-car, travel insurances and own travel services from inventory.

Negotiated rates

Based on reseller level the system allows to set up different rates for hotel content and different service fees for flights.

Credit limit

The bookings made on the B2B channel can be made with payment by credit card or without payment within a credit limit set up for the reseller.


The B2B channel allows reseller to have access to all the documents like contracts, booking confirmations, invoices, flight tickets, vouchers etc without interacting with any travel agent.

Web interface

The web interface allows resellers to interact with the system for making bookings and manage documents.

XML interface

The XML interface allows the resellers to integrate the IBE into their own websites.